Sound postcards from a trip to Dorset and Devon

In April we explored the Jurassic Coast by train and bus. We started off in Weymouth, moved along the coast to West Bay and then reached Exeter and Dartmoor. We didn’t find any fossils but came back with a full card of recordings from interesting places.

It was a winter-cold week but with mostly sunny skies. Perfect recording weather! We got six trains and eight buses across the region to explore new places.

Come with us on a car-free roadtrip through Dorset and Devon. Share the experience by listening to the soundscapes we found. You can also read about the adventure in this blog post we wrote for Scenic Rail Britain.


A hidden place underneath Nothe Fort looking out across the water. Off the tourist trail, a spot only known to locals. A still, cool night. Waves against the rocks. These are *sleep safe* episodes. Some of our loveliest. Let the water soothe your mind.

Portland Bill

The sea round Portland Bill is a special kind of wild. Listen-in to the sound from the rocks near the famous lighthouse on a windy April day. The sea was so blue that day.

Listen to episode 121 – On Portland Bill (30 minutes)

Durdle Door

Bitingly cold, we sheltered against the cliff to watch the waves hitting the famous rock formation. There were people on the beach but the wind took away their voices.

Listen to episode 114 – Crashing waves at Durdle Door (31 minutes)


A perfect mix of distant city hum, gentle gulls and a pair of owls. This is another *sleep safe* episode.

Listen to episode 115 – Coastal city sleeping (36 minutes)


The sound from the trees above the beach at Exmouth. Birds sing. People walk along the path. A runner. Children playing on the beach. Their voices lifting on the wind and the waves.

Listen to episode 123 – A sound-view from Orcombe Point on the Jurassic coast (32 minutes)


The East Okement River gurgles in the mist. Birds sit in the ancient trees. What a perfect way to end this special trip.

Listen to episode 117 – Dartmoor birds through white noise mist (51 minutes)

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