Soundscapes for a hot day

If like us you feel like you are melting when it is hot outside, here are some suggestions for soundscapes to listen to, to help cool down while you are working or resting.

An empty beach

Felixstowe on a still day in May. An empty beach. No wind. Just the sound of the sea breaking and receding.

Abney Park rain

The trees were heavy with early autumn leaves so the sound of the rain was intense blocking out the usual London traffic, sirens and helicopters.

Winterbournes between the trees

A sunny day in late October. Recent heavy rain created winterbournes and lakes in the hollows between the trees.

Listen to episode 39 – Jackdaws and flooded winterbournes (56 minutes)

Wind in the tops of the trees

Big gusts of wind in tall trees but no wind lower down. Spring birds chatter, light rain pitter patters through the trees.

Listen to episode episode 59 – A fallen tree on Galley Hill (31 minutes)

Winter rain

Hear the gentle sound of light rain recorded on an empty footpath on a grey, cold February day in Bedfordshire.

Listen to episode 55 – Light rain beside the lane near Sandy (51 mins)

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